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About Tim

I was born in Sidcup, Kent in 1954.  I grew up in Hurstpierpoint, a small village of about 3,000 people, in East Sussex. I was lucky to go to a prestigious grammar school in Brighton. In 1972 I went to Liverpool University to study geology. I graduated in 1975 and joined the Institute of Geological Sciences (later to become the British Geological Survey) and worked doing field mapping  in Sussex and East Anglia. The last few years were primarily mapping glacial deposits and looking for sand and gravel.

I quit in 1982 and went travelling. I started out by taking the Trans-Siberian across the (then) USSR. I then travelled around Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and ended up in Hong Kong. From there I was one of the early solo travellers to travel around  China. I then spent time hanging out in the Philippines before heading to the Solomon Islands. From there I went to Australia via New Caledonia.

I spent 18 months in Australia doing some work in construction, working on a farm and packing wool ina shearing shed. I was hitchhiking round the country when I started to run out of money in Mount Isa. The town was home to biggest lead silver zinc mine in the world and I landed a job with in mineral exploration working way out in the bush. At the end of nine months I left Australia with more money that I started my travels.

Back in England my best friend Tony and I hatched up a company to create expert systems (an early form of Artificial Intelligence). My sole contribution to the company was financial. But I spent a bunch of time learning how to use the very early PC software and ended with a small computer dealer doing customer support. In the meantime Tony joined   

More to come